Advanced Alarm systems

Ron-Security specializes in installing advanced alarm systems adapted to the nature of the place and the needs of the customer. Alarm systems allow you to detect intrusion into a defined space and alert you when an undesired person enters, a security center, a business contact, or an audio alert instead.

Ron’s security alarm systems were created in order to provide maximum security and protection and combine advanced technological elements that enable full control over the movement in the protected space.

  • Alarm systems
  • Modern and advanced computer systems
  • Wireless alarm systems
  • Alarm systems with cellular adapters
  • Integrated GPRS alarm systems
  • Integrated alarm systems Each alarm system allows maximum flexibility for the customer’s needs

Ron Security provides its customers with:

Consultants who assist the customer in choosing the appropriate alarm system
The staff installs skilled service in a fast, courteous and professional home business
A wide array of support and solutions for each question when using the alarm system

Ron Security, your confidence in our knowledge and abilities

We are here for any question

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